"Too many of us too frequently lose touch with and so forget we are whole beings, integrated in all our pieces.  We think of mind as separate from the body, emotions as distinct from cognition, behavior different from identity.  Who we are is how we are.  Courtney's practice brings her clients back into that integrated state, a single majesty in which to be and delight to be are one.  Through PSM we can reconnect with the full spectrum of promise to life, the universe, and to ourselves".  -K.L. Kamath

"I came to Courtney for some plant spirit medicine sessions to help me through some emotional issues during a stressful time in my life.  I was very surprised the first session at how much I was able to relax.  I was drifting in and out of a sleep-like state throughout the session.  After each session, I have noticed I feel refreshed and relaxed overall and my eye sight is clearer.  I have done three sessions and I have noticed that since I started people are generally more open to me and I am experiencing more synchronicities in my life.  Courtney creates a comfortable space for healing and I would highly recommend her services".           -Cindy Fulsom                  

-"After receiving PSM from Courtney twice, I already get a sense that the plants are helping me.  They are bringing me opportunities outside myself to grow.  When these opportunities come, I feel stronger and am able to take action in ways that I may have wanted to before but for some reason didn't.  With the support of the plants, I express my truth more readily."        -Misako Tsuchiya

- "Courtney has the most amazing healing touch and gentle spirit.  When life's woes have me down or stressed, she always leaves me renewed and reinvigorated.  A flowing river of gratitude."  -J.C.

- "Courtney has an ability to connect in an unhindered way to the direct source of the plants.  Plant Spirit Medicine prepares you to reach your next higher plateau.  Though it may seem slow at first, I feel it to be one of the fastest ways to create consistent and permanent growth."  -Ram G.

- "...The mystery of nature and its relationship that works through the fabric of my spirit and soul is at the very root of personhood.  The ability of PSM to assist me in a greater sense of being in all that I experience of my purpose is profound on all levels of my consciousness.  I've been given the opportunity with PSM to rekindle my love for many of my life's most cherished interests.  The enrichment of my essence has changed how I've been able to experience the very nature of my own wellbeing... I'd recommend working with Courtney to anyone who is embracing nature's ability to build them a higher threshold of existence.  PSM is for those who seek to experience their life at its greatest potential with the joy of a child's most simple curiosity.  I just love it!!!  Thanks Courtney!" -Mark Hooker CHP, CMT

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