Becoming A Healer

Courtney's journey to becoming a healer began at age ten.  While she was meditating, she had a vision of herself as an adult wearing a white doctor's coat and holding her patient's hands.  Her reassuring words let her patient know that she would do all she could do to help them heal.  And, in the vision, they were in luck because Courtney had a special medicine at her fingertips.  

At age 19, Courtney was introduced to Plant Spirit Medicine, and it changed her life.  Receiving powerful medicine from plants gave her the support and guidance she needed to be the best version of herself.  

While experiencing healing from PSM for herself, Courtney attended massage school and graduated in 2003 from IPSB (Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing).  This laid the foundation and "stepping-off point" for Courtney's healing practice.  

After continuing to experience Plant Spirit Medicine healing first-hand for years, Courtney knew it was important to offer this mysterious and powerful medicine to others.

Courtney graduated from Eliot Cowan's and Alison Gayek's Plant Spirit Medicine course in 2007.  Courtney was inducted as a Lay Spiritual Healer by the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing in 2010.  Courtney completes CEU requirements every year by attending the PSMA Conference, PSMA Advanced Class, and/or PSM clinical weeks.

This medicine gives Courtney the strength she needs to live life in natural harmony, and offers deep healing to the community.  Time and time again, Courtney has experienced, and seen this medicine bring balance and transformation!

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