Become aware of and connected to the natural world

In this day and age, we need some extra help maintaining harmony within ourselves.  This is where the plants come in!  Have you ever noticed how plants live in their natural environment with their surroundings?  They work in relationship in a magical song and dance with everything around them!  The bee comes to eat nectar or pollen from a flower and when it goes to the next flower, some pollen accidentally drops off in the new flower.  This pollination lets the plant turn flowers into fruits and seeds so they can continue to grow new plants!  A Blue Jay eats acorns from an oak tree.  It may fly off with an acorn and bury it for later but forget about it and then the acorn can grow into a new tree!  Everything around plants - the soil, animals, insects, air - are benefited by the plants.  And if you have ever gone for a hike in nature, worn clothes, lived in a home, used fuel, you know that humans benefit from them very much also! 

Ah yes, there is much we can learn from our plant friends.  The plants have much medicine to offer us.  Plant Spirit Medicine healers maintain a living relationship with the plants so that the plants can offer their amazing gifts to us!  These wise plant beings are so incredibly generous and are eager to give us the help we need.  With this medicine that our Plant Spirit Medicine healers can relay to us, our spirits become lighter and we are able to feel like how we felt as a child, bouncing back more easily from life's obstacles.  With the support of the plants we can access all parts of ourselves giving us more to draw from and opening the door to our strongest most confident selves!