The Voice of the Heart

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Ah, it's summer.  People are having barbeques, going to the beach, laying out on the lake, and catching those warm sun rays!  It is the perfect season to get to the heart of the matter (so to speak)!

The fire element of summer, in the Chinese 5-element philosophy of Plant Spirit Medicine, is all about joy, connection, love, laughter, control, passion, and protection.  Each of us are able to express all of these characteristics when our fire elements are in balance.  We live in the natural world, which is a living expression of connection.  We are part of this natural world and it is part of us.  We all connect to each other through the voice of our hearts. 

There is an obstacle that we face in our culture that makes it difficult to recognize the voice of our hearts.  We live in a society that validates only one voice as the one true voice and this is the voice of the mind.  Sure, the mind does many great things for us.  It keeps us safe, out of danger.  It helps us solve problems and fix things.  Our minds have limitations though.  The mind is all about resolving concerns and avoiding loss.  As human beings, we have come to think that our minds can understand anything and everything. 

When we only live from our minds, we start to feel separate from everyone and everything.  Our minds create things that separate us from each other.  Computers, the internet, video games, driving, cubicles, drugs, television, Facebook, Twitter.  They give us an illusion of connecting to each other, yet it is not true connection.  With the mind in charge, we have more concern, worry, and fear. 

However, when we let our hearts be in charge, we know we are part of something greater.  While the mind chatters on, the voice of the heart is more subtle.  It is a deep knowing inside ourselves.  And this knowing connects us to each other.  The heart has no linguistic articulation.  It is more of a feeling.  When we feel compelled, inspired, affected by love; this is the voice of the heart.  It doesn't require thinking, it just knows.  It is a balanced sense of emotion that moves and guides us in the right direction.  Have you ever thought to yourself, "I am not sure why, but I know this is right!"  The language of the heart is love.  The mind is afraid of love because there is a potential for loss.  The heart, however, knows it is about something more powerful.  It is when "us" becomes more important than "you" or "I". 

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The plants know all about this heart connection.  They have the gift of knowing how to live in harmony with each other and the elements and the creatures.  They live from their hearts and we can learn a lot from them.

We have separated ourselves from the plants.  We often forget they exist.  Yet, even in the bustling cities, they are all around us!   Let's take a moment to connect with them!  Go ahead.  Select a plant near you.  Say hello.  Introduce yourself.  Now observe it.  What does it look like?  How does it grow?  Get closer.  What emotion do you feel arising from inside you?  Good job!  You just connected with a plant!  When we feel other human beings, it means they feel us.  Likewise, when we feel plants, they feel us too!

We can hear the voice of our hearts by quieting our minds.  When there is a thought, we can visualize it as a cloud passing by.  In between thoughts what is left?  Our hearts!  Listen and you will hear. 

Plant Spirit Medicine is a beautiful tool to balance your fire element as well as all the other elements!  The plants can offer their healing to you through the connection that your Plant Spirit Medicine healer has with them.  So, take advantage and go visit your local PSM healer for a wonderful healing session!

Think of what you would do in your life right now if your sense of anxiety and fear was much reduced.  With your mind working for your heart, so much is possible!  If you felt like you could not fail, what would you do?  At the very least, it would be extraordinary!

earts and we can learn a lot from them.