Balance your emotions

How nice would it be to honor our emotions and find a balance that allows us to feel them without getting stuck on one?  We could speak up more readily when someone crosses our boundary.  Or, on the flip-side, be able to keep our anger in check if it tends to be a little too easily available!  We could find joy in small moments spent with friends and family and also enjoy those sacred moments alone.  We could find our nurturing side and give someone a helping hand, be it a friend or a neighbor, and also accept help when we need it ourselves.  We could understand what is most valuable to us, let go of what isn't, and respect what others value as well.   We could grieve what we have lost.  We could listen to our heart voice and be able to quiet our chatty minds who, although helpful at performing tasks, can also distract us from the voice inside that just knows.  Just to name a few!  How strong or weak are you in regards to these emotions?  You can click on these links below to learn more about each emotion/season/element.