Every Treatment Thereafter

The first treatment is 2 hours.  Every PSM treatment thereafter is 45 minutes to an hour.  Between sessions, it is good to be aware of any changes in your life, emotions, or physically that may come up.  Take note of these changes and relay them to your PSM healer (Courtney) at your next session.  In every session there will be time to share your experiences before receiving the medicine, and then there will be time to receive the medicine and relax.

During the PSM session, the healer calls upon the plants to give you medicine.  The plants continue to give you healing support even after the session is over.  This healing support may feel very peaceful, it may feel like memories and emotions or physical sensations coming up and clearing, or it may feel like nothing at all.  If you do have a real experience of something coming up to be cleared, it will usually last no longer than a couple days.  Afterwards you will likely feel much lighter and more peaceful.  If there is something that seems to be lasting longer, or you have any concerns regarding this process, please contact Courtney. 

It is important to continue with regular treatments.  The plants have just begun their healing work with you and it is important to give them a chance to pick up where they left off.  Please read about the frequency of treatments here: