Improve all your relationships with loved ones, friends, colleagues

We don't always take a moment to think about how our relationships are working.  And even when we do, we don't always take a moment to think about how our own behaviors effect those that we are in relationship with.  Why don't we take that moment now.  Is there a relationship that stands out in your life that you would like to be better?  Of course there is, they can always be better.  Is there something that you would like to do that you aren't doing to make this relationship better? 

Gee, Courtney, what does this have to do with Plant Spirit Medicine?  Everything!

Plant Spirit Medicine itself is a medicine that is based on relationship.  The healer has a relationship with the plants and calls upon them like a friend to heal the client.  And our lives are also based on relationship!  We are in a magical dance with one another.  Sometimes we think we are independent, but the truth is that we rely on one another.  We need each other. 

Think about the reason you have not taken the action in your relationship that you know would be beneficial.  Chances are it is because it would take what seems like a lot of effort. 

Sure, this may seem silly to think that we are just too lazy to keep up our relationships.  In a way, this is true. 

Why are we lazy?  Because life is demanding.  Over the course of our lives, we come upon many challenges, stress, and even trauma.  Dealing with these difficulties can start to weigh heavy on our spirits over time. 

Plant Spirit Medicine lightens our spirits and we become more proactive in our relationships and our lives in general.  We have the strength to make better choices.  We are able to be our best most confident selves, and our friends, family, and loved ones start to notice!  We are able to come from a solid and balanced place in ourselves and people want to be around us.  Wouldn't you rather be around someone who knows who they are than someone who just seems lost? 

I encourage you to take the step to have first a healthy relationship with yourself and then your other relationships will follow.  Plant Spirit Medicine can be a strong force to bring you back to yourself, giving you the ability to access parts of yourself that may have been put on the shelf.  Its time to dust them off and see what gifts are awaiting you!