First PSM Treatment

When you come in for your first session with your PSM healer, it is important to do a few things to prepare:

  1. Please don't shower that day before your session.  (You may shower after)

  2. Please don't wear any perfume, cologne, or smelly lotion.

  3. Please don't wear any make-up, including foundation.

  4. Please wear comfortable clothing.

The first PSM session may take up to 2 hours.  This time will include a conversation between you and your healer (Courtney) about you!  To prepare for this, you may want to think about things in your life that you would like to change.  Also, any health concerns you may have.  This time will also include the treatment. 

For the treatment, you will lie face-up on the massage table with your clothes on.  Courtney will perform a basic physical exam which will include looking at your stomach, touching your spine, and looking at any scars that you may have.

Next, Courtney will go back and forth between feeling your Chi pulses on your wrists and putting her hands on your chest and stomach.  This is a perfect time to relax!  At this time, Courtney will be calling on the energy essence of the plants in order to restore balance and harmony with you and the world.  The plants will give you medicine that will continue to work on you even after the session is complete.  The plants will be working to remove any old energies that you don't need, that aren't serving you anymore, and giving you the support you do need! 

After the session, you may expect to feel more connected to yourself and more peaceful.  This medicine is subtle yet powerful.  As the plants get rid of what you don't need, you might or might not feel this happening.  This can feel like memories coming up, like emotions passing through, or even like something physical coming to the surface.  It is best to allow for these sensations to happen and do your best not to suppress them.  It is usually just something passing through that won't take longer than a couple days.  If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact Courtney.  Once they pass through, you will likely feel much more balanced and peaceful.

It is important to continue with regular treatments.  The plants have just begun their healing work with you and it is important to give them a chance to pick up where they left off.  Please read about the frequency of treatments here: